Monday, March 31, 2014

How to laminate a badge

The followings are the main steps to create a real badge:
  1. Create your own badge with BadgeMaker (please see my previous post to this)
  2. Copy your badge picture to your PC
  3. Print your badge
  4. Cut out your printed badge
  5. Laminate your badge

To badge creation:

The BadgeMaker app produces badges in the following sizes:
  • Free designs: 720x960 pixels (JPG or PNG) 
  • Unlocked designs (key app bought): 720x960 pixels (JPG or PNG) 
  • Non-Free designs: 360x480 pixels (only JPG)
It is recommended to save the badges in PNG format so no quality loss happens (however this can be done only with the free and unlocked designs).

The picture format can be set in the settings menu (before saving the badge):

Considerations for printing and printing size

I found laminating pouches for A7 sheets in the size 80x111 mm (3.15x4.37 inch) in our local OfficeDepot . This is a nice size for a badge.

Now let see, how the badge created with BadgeMaker fits into this pouch.

The badge has to be printed in 240dpi resolution. This means, that the printed badge will have the following sizes:
  • 720 pixel side --> 3 inch
  • 960 pixel side --> 4 inch 
The printed badge will be 3x4 inch which fits perfectly into the 3.15x4.37 inch pouch.


Here are some examples, how nice the laminated badges look like. Thanks for agent FreonHunter for the nice pictures!

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