Monday, March 31, 2014

A Badge Maker is born

This blog will be interesting for you...
  • If you play Ingress and sometimes you want to have a fun gamer badge with you to signalize the other agents who you are
  • Or maybe you take part on an Ingress event and you want to give something to remember for the involved agents. 
  • Or you just want/need to have your own personal Ingress badge
Some of my fellow agents asked a half year ago if I could develop a simple app to make ingress badges directly on the phone. So I started a little android project with the name "Badge Maker".

After the first version was born and 3 different badge types were included in the app I stopped the development because it was good enough for us. I never intended to put the app on the play store. But after a short pause I designed a new badge type. Just for fun. And a little later another. And so on.

Now there are altogether 10 badge designs in the app. I decided to make the app available for all agents in the world and I published the app on Play Store.

The app can be found here

How to use the app

1.) Select your own faction (buttons with resistance or enlightened logo on the left)
2.) Select one of the available 10 designs (buttons on the right)

The first 3 designs (Recursion, design 1 and design 2) are entirely free which means:

  • They can be saved in full resolution (non-free designs only in 50% resolution)
  • They can be saved losslessly in png (non-free designs only in JPG with 65% compression)
  • Background can be selected individually
  • No "Badge Maker free" logo

3.) Type in your own data (button with the T on the left)
 3.) Select a nice photo of you (button with the smiley)
 4.) Select a nice background (button with mountain)

5.) Push the save icon, and the badge is saved. You can send it to your PC, print it and laminate it as you wish.

ENJOY! :-)