Sunday, April 6, 2014

Print a badge from BadgeMaker app

BadgeMaker v1.06 is published on PlayStore. The most important new feature is the ability to print badges directly from the app (KitKat only). Let's see how it woks!

First of all the size of the badge based on the size of the laminating pouch intended to use must be set in the "Settings" menu.

Google included the new printing services in KitKat. HP printer users have only to configure the included driver but users of other printers must install the appropriate service. I own a network attached Canon printer so I installed and configured the Cannon Network Service.

If no appropriate driver exist, the in KitKat included PDF driver can be used to print the badge into a PDF file. This PDF file can be copied to a PC and printed from there.

When all this is done, the printing can be started with the new "Print" menu. It is important to select the correct page size in the upcoming dialog.

The printed badge is surrounded with a tiny dotted line so it is really easy to cut it to the right size.

After the badge is cut out it has to be inserted carefully into the laminating pouch.

When it is done, the laminating can be started.

And the result:

I used the following pouches:


  1. Where can I find this ID-Data wich is asked for in the App and what does it stand for?

  2. I say the same thing as Sven. Where can i find the id-data ???